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Yesterday, my friends in a band called You Blew It! were robbed of thousands of dollars of equipment in San Antonio, Texas. Unfortunately this isn’t the first time friends of mine have been robbed while on the road, let alone in San Antonio (see This Is All Now.) You Blew It! are facing a loss of a decent amount of gear that is worth thousands of dollars. You can read more about the incident, and some other ways of donating, here

To help out my friends in need, I made a print sale, of two You Blew It! prints from the first time I shot them at The Place in Brooklyn, NY. All profits are going straight to the band. Each print will be an 8x12 and only so many are going to be made. This is the first time these prints have been put up for sale, and it’s for a great cause so please support my friends. You can purchase said prints on my newly made print site.

Please support youblewitfl and give them some love!

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